Smok Novo

Smok Novo – A Great Pod To Handle Your Audio Addiction!

A new person in the pod fashion world, Smok Novo, is a small device that takes a revolutionary new approach in pod fashion. Whereas the honeycomb/ Cobra style was a new trend recently, the Smok Novo is really the first true pod-style device to work with this style, that makes it very unique in its small size category. The beauty of the unit is that it allows you to wear different styles, such as “mini,” and “full” earphones, without having to purchase additional adapters or connectors. This is definitely a plus, as many people would prefer to utilize their existing headphones with the style of earphones instead of converting.

Smok Novo earphones are very sleek and compact, plus they are made from the Juul Pods best possible materials. You’ll love the light-weight of the electronic gadgets, especially when compared to bulky likes of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Wave. Many reviewers say that the Iphone is too large, and the tiny size of the Wave isn’t even all that good, so Smok Novo really hits a good balance between a concise unit. In fact, it’s so compact that it’s incredibly easy to slip out of your ears and devote on another pair!

Smok Novo comes with two separate sets of batteries: one for the audio enjoyment, and one for your charging. You can simply pop them in the charger, which will offer you a full day of audio playback without fretting about your phone dying on you while you work. If you need the power for more than a few hours of playing time, then simply pop them in the built-in AM/FM radio pods. With a durable 800mah battery, these earphones should last weeks of heavy usage, so you won’t have to be worried about changing batteries all too often.

One of the biggest selling points of Smok Novo products will be the removable, interchangeable pods they use in their devices. The earphones come in five basic color varieties, including black, silver, gold, titanium, and stainless. There are also Smok Novo flavors such as for example banana, mint, blueberry, and grape. These pods are easy to replace and come pre-programmed with MP3 playlists and phone-call lists. Although you may don’t want to add any of your own music to these devices, you can still take advantage of the wide selection of pre-programmed playlists, which Smok recommends that you listen to at least three times each day. These programs have already been carefully designed to ensure that your favorite radio stations come through loud and clear, and have been formatted to be readable from a CD or other reading device.

The quality of the sound made by the Smok Novo earphones is top notch for wireless listening. Other companies have tried to follow Smok’s footsteps, but haven’t been successful at doing so. MTM Pod Technology, however, has made several advances that create Smok Novo headphones one of the most well rounded Bluetooth wireless devices available. Not only do the unit offer superior sound quality, but they are also small and very unobtrusive, meaning you will not be constantly distracted by a tiny earphone holder taking on a lot of space. It will be possible to utilize your Smok Novo without even being aware of it, and have the hands free for other activities when you enjoy your preferred tunes.

The capability of using these devices comes from the two separate settings for the quantity and the wattage control. Unlike some other buds which require you to hold the bud in place while connecting the iPod to the machine, the Smok Novo enables you to simply flip open the case, hold the bud, and turn the quantity up or down. This allows you to turn up the volume to whatever level you choose, and really lets you customize how you pay attention to your music. If you were to try to work with a bud with an identical control, it would be much more difficult to adjust the quantity without having to cope with extra wires or perhaps being unattached from the iPod.

Smok Novo utilizes two power sources, one for the specific battery and another to power the LCD screen. The Smok Novo batteries last up to 10 hours, to help you be sure that you will never go out of battery juice. The LCD screen looks much like an iPhone and operates very similarly, so if you have experience using either of the devices, you will be immediately familiar with the layout and how everything works. You can also purchase an iPod adapter to help you to enjoy your favorite music on the Smok Novo even if you do not have an iPod or iPhone.

The Smok Novo includes a rechargeable NiCad battery in the hand rest plus a standard micro USB cable that connects the device to your personal computer or laptop. In order to use your computer or laptop to charge the Smok Novo, you need to connect the USB cable to the computer or laptop through the headphone jack, that is included in the package. Besides charging the device, also you can use it to charge your iPod or iPhone. It includes a high density battery capacity that allows you to use the device for long periods prior to the battery does begin to run-down.